A Weekend in Montréal: Day Three

We ended up revising our schedule a lot this day since we were pretty much out of steam at this point.  We opted for a late check out (we paid extra for this) and took our time to relax, pack, enjoy lunch, visit a few more places and go to our engagement shoot in the evening.


Even though we had a chill day, it was still an eventful one so read on to see what we did. Continue reading


A Weekend in Montréal: Day Two

I’m having trouble writing this intro because all I can say is that this was another amazing day in Montréal.


We visited Old Montreal and the Old Port of Montreal while going to museums and the science center.  We also had amazing food (spoiler, it was so good we came back on Day Three) and did some unplanned exploring.   Continue reading

A Weekend in Montréal: Trip Overview & Haul

Hellllllo Peeps!  When I first started this blog, I intended it to be an all encompassing blog.  I wanted to write about everything that I enjoy, from my relationship, to my cat, to beauty, to food and travel.  But as it turned out, this blog became pretty much all about beauty.


So with that said, I am so happy to say that today I will be starting a series of posts about my weekend in Montéal, QC, Canada.  I can honestly say that this one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on (and I have traveled…a lot).  So click on to get the general idea of the trip and to see what I bought, both beauty & non-beauty. Continue reading

Disney World//Orlando: Series & Trip Overview

Hello there!

I thought I’d start a little series about our trip to Orlando this past summer as I think we learned a lot of little things that can help anyone planning to visit.

Fast Facts:
– We visited Universal Studios Florida & Univesral’s Islands of Adventure, Disney World (all 4 main parks + Blizzard Beach & Disney Springs), Seaworld, and Aquatica.
– This was my first trip to Orlando (and its parks), but have previously been to Disneyland & California Adventures when I was much younger.
– This was Mr. Foozy’s second trip to Orlando (and its parks).  He went about 10 years ago when he was 19 with his parents and younger brother.
– We stayed for 10 days at two hotels.
– We do not currently have any children (minus miss Boba Kitty who came with us) and so this series is more adult oriented.

Now that you guys have gotten the feel of this trip, I’ll get more into the overview of this series and then I’ll give an overview of the trip.  So I will be breaking this series up into the following posts (hyperlinks will be added once the posts are published):
– Overview: You’re here, silly!
– Tickets, Hotels, Travel, & Planning
– Universal Studios Florida & Univesral’s Islands of Adventure
– Disney World Parks: Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, & Animal Kingdom
– Disney Dining
– “Proposal” in Cinderella’s Castle
– Blizzard Beach & Disney Springs
– Seaworld & Aquatica
– Express Passes & Fast Passes: Are they worth it?
– Disney Magic: App, Extras, & That Something Extra
*Please note, I may not actually write the series in order as I believe most posts will make sense as stand alone entries.

Congratulations!  You’ve made it through a wall of text!  Haha so now I’ll get into a brief overview of the trip with some pictures to break things up.


First hidden Mickey of the trip!

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