A Weekend in Montréal: Day Two

I’m having trouble writing this intro because all I can say is that this was another amazing day in Montréal.


We visited Old Montreal and the Old Port of Montreal while going to museums and the science center.  We also had amazing food (spoiler, it was so good we came back on Day Three) and did some unplanned exploring.  

SATURDAY – 5/21 

8:00 AM 8:30 AM– Wake Up
Okay, so we were a little over enthusiastic about this.  We didn’t get out of bed until about 8:30, but it wasn’t too bad and we actually ended up ahead of schedule later in the day.  This morning Mike went out to get us breakfast from Tim Horton’s because, duh, we’re in Canada, while I got ready.  He’s such a sweetie.  Anyways, I tried the new Maple Ice Capp and damn, the commercials were right, it is #SoCanadian.  It tastes like liquid Canada.  Cold & Maple haha.DSC08489
9:00 AM – Walk & Take Metro 1 from Station Peel to Berri-UQAM.  Transfer to Metro 4 to Jean-Drapeau Station.
9:30 AM – Bioshere
60 Chemin Tour-de-l’Isle, Île Sainte-Hélène, Quebec H3C 4G8
Yup, I took my conservative Republican fiance to a museum about climate change.  I’m surprised he didn’t just burst into flames.  It was super fun though and he enjoyed it too (FYI, Mike is a Republican who does believe in climate change haha).  We got great views of the city from the look out and enjoyed the energy exhibit since we both work in the power industry.
11:00 AM – Walk & Take Metro 4 from Jean-Drapeau Station to Berri-UQAM.  Transfer to Metro 2 to Station Champ-de-Mars.
11:30 PM – Lunch @ Muru Crepe
362 Rue Notre-Dame E Montreal, QC H2Y 1C7 Canada
Mike loves crepes so when I saw that this place was on our path into Old Montréal, I knew we had to stop by.  The service was quick and the crepes were great.  I forget if I mentioned it before, but it seems capers in Canada are bigger haha.  No complaints here though, I love capers.DSC08532
12:30 PM – Walk to Science Center & Explore Old Port of Montreal
1:00 PM – Science Center
Rue de la Commune Ouest, Montréal, Quebec H2X 4B2
We quickly discovered that the Science Center was definitely meant more for kids, or those with kids, and even though we both like to think that we are still kids at heart, we blew through this place much quicker than we thought.  Still it’s a fun place to stop while youre in Old Montreal anyways and have the museum pass.
3:00 PM – Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History
350 Place Royale, Montréal, Quebec H2Y 3Y5
This ended up being the highlight of my day.  There was a fascinating presentation on the history of Montréal and it really got my inner (1/4th) French pride out.  The entire museum was amazing also.  A lot of rich and interesting history here.  Definitely check it out!
4:00 PM – Montreal History Centre
335 Place d’Youville, Montréal, Quebec H2Y 3T1
This was a bit of a let down after the last museum.  We probably walked through it in about 20 mins, but then spent another 30mins sitting and resting at the last showroom haha.  All in all it was okay and there was an interesting exhibit about the scandalous times in Montréal.  If you’re pressed for time, I’d say you can skip this place.
5:30PM – Walk & Take Metro 2 from Place-d’Armes to Métro Georges-Vanier
6:00 PM – Underground City
So this was the one part that I was most worried about since I couldn’t find a good explanation for it online.  The underground city is just the metro basically, but it does connect some shopping areas.  For example, the bottom floor of a mall may lead into a metro station.  We did do some shopping at some of the closer shopping centers to our hotel at this point (you can see my haul here).  After this we deviated a bit and headed back to the hotel to drop off some items.
7:00 PM – Walk & Take Metro 1 from Station Peel to Station Guy-Concordia
7:30 PM – Dinner @ GaNaRaDa
1862 Boulevard De Maisonneuve Montreal, Quebec H3H 1J9
This was AMAZING.  How amazing?  We came back here for lunch the next day.  It is unmarked and easy to pass by if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but it is delicious. I highly recommend the Bulgogi Ramen!
After dinner we went on a little unplanned adventure.  We turned the corner and found some Asian Beauty shops and a Chatime so I did some shopping and we got some boba for the road home.  We also stopped at another Pharmaprix hehehe.

Here are the links to other posts in this series:
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Feel free to ask me any questions you have about our trip, Montréal, or what I got.  Since this was my first trip there, I am not an expert, but I will definitely try to help!

Until next time,

Disclaimer:  All products mentioned and linked to in this post were purchased by me.  There are no sponsored or affiliated links.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  


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