A Weekend in Montréal: Trip Overview & Haul

Hellllllo Peeps!  When I first started this blog, I intended it to be an all encompassing blog.  I wanted to write about everything that I enjoy, from my relationship, to my cat, to beauty, to food and travel.  But as it turned out, this blog became pretty much all about beauty.


So with that said, I am so happy to say that today I will be starting a series of posts about my weekend in Montéal, QC, Canada.  I can honestly say that this one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on (and I have traveled…a lot).  So click on to get the general idea of the trip and to see what I bought, both beauty & non-beauty.

Trip Overview

Last May Mike and I went on our first trip together as a couple to Niagara Falls, NY.  We stayed on the US side because at the time my passport was expired.  We wanted to make sort of a tradition of things and go to Canada again (haha sorta again because last time I was more like looking at the Canadian boarder).  We were deciding between Toronto and Montréal and we felt Montréal would be more romantic.

  • After this posts, there will be 3 more (one for each day) where I will walk you all through everything we did each day.
  • Food was amazing!  I will be going into detail about what we ate in the daily posts.
  • We drove up from Philadelphia on Thursday evening (about 7 hours) and returned Sunday evening.  With our 3 days there, I would say that we got a lot done, but one more day on this trip would have been nice to give us some more relaxing time
  • If you’re unsure of what to do, I highly suggest the Montréal Museum pass (we chose the 3Day with Transportation).  The pass was a great deal and gave us structure and ideas of what to do in the city, but we still had the freedom to choose unlike booking a guided tour.
  • The Metro was very nice.  It was relatively clean, efficient, and easy to navigate.
  • We did have a pretty set agenda that let us organize what we wanted to do, but it’s also nice to wander from it.
  • Free Wi-Fi was pretty easy to find just about anywhere, but if you have Sprint, we discovered that you have free coverage in Canada (unlimited mins, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data) if you activate the service.  This service might be available with other carriers as well.
  • If you won’t have service in Canada, I highly suggest downloading the Offline Map of Montréal on Google Maps or download directions to something you can access without data.
  • Don’t pick up any stereotypical souvenirs (t-shirts, maple syrup, keychains, etc) until you leave.  There is a a massive duty-free stop right before the boarder with all of those items (and more) for tax free.
  • The exchange rate is usually in favor for the US dollar so sometimes, even with the high sales tax, items available in the US are cheaper in Canada.
  • Montréal is super French.  Both Mike and I have been to France, and we agreed that Montréal is more French than France (jk haha).  But really, in Paris, most signs and announcements are done in French and then English.  In Montréal, it was only French, but with that said, pretty much everyone speaks English and is very friendly.
  • Montréal felt like Paris and San Francisco had a baby, and I loved it.

Haha okay so enough blab, let’s get into all the money I spent….

Canadian HaulDSC08478 (1)DSC08479 (2)DSC08480 (2)DSC08754

So I accidentally wandered into two different Pharmaprix‘s and spent all of my lunch monies.  It was like a drugstore meets a Sephora…similar to Ulta, but with many very high end brands like Dior and then also Revlon and then snacks and such like at a CVS.  Many of the things I bought we based loosely on recommendations from reddit.  Most people recommended brands or categories from certain brands, but a few specific items I had to get (like the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation).

I also ended up picking up a few super cute Paul&Joe items since they’re kitties!  I randomly picked up a few Vichy items and have quickly fallen in love with the serum…look out for it soon in a current favorites.

Lastly, I picked up a the Guerlain Meteorites because they worked out to be cheaper for me in Canada than in the US.  Oh and I have to say, everything in the second picture was given as a sample.  It definitely isn’t as generous as it is at most Asian Beauty stores, but definitely more generous than Sephora.


We ended up stopping in Lush for a bath bomb (I forgot to pack one of my 2193132) to make good use of our hotel’s nice tub.  The bath bomb has been used, but I also got two soaps.  One is called MayPole (“maple”) and contains Canadian maple syrup.  I thought this was Canada exclusive, but I see it on the US site now.  I also got another one which I don’t see on the US site and I cannot read the French name.  Oh and the girl gave me a sample of Oatifix Face Mask and it was so nice!


At the boarder, I ended up picking up a few more things duty-free and at a slightly cheaper price.

I accidentally stumped on The Face Shop and C&C which sells Korean cosmetics and picked up some goodies too.


And here are all my cheesy souvenirs and random things I was told to pick up (like muscle relaxant haha).  Most of these were picked up at a random shop in mall, Pharmaprix, museum gift shops, and also the duty-free shop right before the boarder.  Also this doesn’t include gifts we got for friends and family.

Here are the links to other posts in this series:
Day One | Day Two | Day Three

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about our trip, Montréal, or what I got.  Since this was my first trip there, I am not an expert, but I will definitely try to help!

Until next time,

Disclaimer:  All products mentioned and linked to in this post were purchased by me.  There are no sponsored or affiliated links.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  


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