LOVE: Our Engagement Photos

It’s another late night that I just can’t fall asleep.  While tossing and turning, I realized it is our one year anniversary today of being engaged.  Yup, exactly one year ago, Mike popped the question and I said yes.  So much has changed since then (and all for the better) and so many more amazing and exciting things are coming, but I thought today would be a perfect day to share some of my favorite shots from our engagement photoshoot.

Vy Mike-WEB-0159.jpgOur amazing photographer actually just sent our gallery to us yesterday, so it was perfect timing.  To see more of our favorite shots and learn more about our photographer, read on (:

Our Photographer

When we first began to plan our trip to Montréal, I got the random idea that this could be a great time to do our engagement photos since it was still early enough for us to use them on our save the dates and the city was supposedly beautiful.  Well the great news is, we actually did have an amazing time and the city was stunning so I’m so glad that we decided to do our photos there as they will help us remember a very happy and positive trip (I am writing a series about our trip and will link it here once it is complete).

After getting the idea of doing the shoot in Montréal, we started to Google wedding photographers in the area.  We went through so many results, but only really were interested in one, Ella Photography.  We sent her a message and were happy to find out that her prices were very reasonable, she seemed friendly, and was available the weekend we’d be in Canada.

The best part?  She was even better in person!  Our shoot went so smoothly (minus a raccoon trying to photobomb us haha) and she was so fun and easy to work with yet knowledgeable and able to help us posing noobs that our two hours flew by.  Both of us walked away extremely happy and excited to see the photos.  And to put a cherry on top of everything, we got our photos from her much sooner than we expected.  I could say a million more amazing things about Isabella, but I’m sure you’re all excited for the photos so I’ll just leave with this.  We found Ella Photography and thought that it was great, but just for our engagement photos, but we fell so in love with Isabella that we’d love to have her at our wedding as well (Disney permitting…).

Our Favorite Photos


Who doesn’t love a candid shot?


I’m pretty sure we were deciding if we should get Tim Horton’s one last time…


In our own little bubble…

View More:

You’d never guess there were 100+ people right next to us


These tulips were so pretty!




You’re all I see in a crowded sea…


Almost there…


This feels very Snow White to me for some reason


My personal favorite


Mike’s favorite


Of course the tiara from the elaborate Cinderella’s Castle second proposal had to come out


Taking my prince’s hand…


Our journey has just began, so onward and upwards we go

Honestly, we loved all of the photos (nearly 200 of them) and it was so hard to narrow it down to just these, but I hope you all got a sense of them.

Until next time,

Disclaimer:  All products/services mentioned and linked to in this post were purchased by me.  There are no sponsored or affiliated links.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  


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