LOVE: Our First Year of Adventures

Today is Mike and I’s one year anniversary so I thought it would be appropriate to take this time to reflect on our adventure and story so far.

Background:  Mike and I met a little over a year ago while working together and during a massive transitional period in my life.  I had just ended a nearly four year relationship and was about to go into my senior year of college.  I really wasn’t looking to date anyone, but when it’s the one you just can’t say no.  So long story short, we started dating and both just knew and so 29 days later, he proposed and I said yes.

So here is the highlight reel of our first year together.  So much has happened that can’t be captured in a blog post, but I hope you all enjoy traveling through this past year with me anyways.

 May 2015

We started dating this month and it was a quick month of getting to know everything and anything about each other.  We also took our first trip this month during Memorial Day weekend in Niagara Falls, NY.  We had to stay on the US side because I didn’t have my passport with me ):  It was my first time there and also my first time at a casino since turning 21.  I won $104.73 starting with a $50 credit!

June 2015

On June 2, 2015, we got engaged!  About mid-month Mike graduated from grad school and I attended his graduation where I met his parents officially.  Finally at the end of the month, I caught strep and pretty much died for about 10 days.  Luckily I had Mike to take care of me like a little baby through it all.

July 2015

Even though I was still coming off of strep, we went to New England for the July 4th weekend.  This was probably a terrible idea and we note it as our worst vacation yet.  We spent the first few days in Newport, RI and then the last two days in Lake Compounce, CT to go to a waterpark.  The first few days I could barely eat anything and overall we just had a bad experience at the hotel and the last two days at the waterpark were a little better.  Overall I’m glad we went though because I still had fun with Mike.  Oh we also brought home Fluffy from Dave & Buster’s.

August 2015

Despite being super sick, Mike came with me to my friend’s birthday weekend in AC.  Such a good fiance!  This month Mike also turned 28 hehe and then left for Europe with his family right after.  This was our first extended time apart and it sucked…  But I surprised him at the airport when he came back!  ❤

September 2015

Such an eventful month!  Mike took me to Orlando, FL for the first time and we spent 10 days at all the parks.  I was soooo happy at Universal because I’m a massive HP fan and then I really felt the magic at Disney.  And of course Mike had a crazy surprise for me on our last day.  Inside the castle in Magic Kingdom, I got crowned a princess, had special desserts and balloons, and had a glass slipper brought out to me.  Basically I was the envy of the teen girls at the table next to us hahaha.  Also this was our first trip with Boba and when I officially realized Mike loved her just as much as I do.  Oh and we went apple picking!  I ❤ Fall 😀

October 2015

I turned 22!  Hehe I love my birthday.  I was so spoiled by both Mike and his mom (:  Later that month I helped host a bridal shower for my friend Dana and Mike was so supportive in that.  We closed out the month with a trip to Cleveland with our friend Matt so that the boys could watch a football game and we visited a nice little market…after getting super lost in a sketchy area.  Thx Waze -__-

November 2015

We started the month with a trip to NYC to go ice skating because it’s my tradition to do that and I love NYC during the holidays.  Later in the month I had my first Thanksgiving with Mike’s family where I cooked a massive amount of food and then we went to Hersheypark with just the two of us and it was so relaxing an nice.  I love Christmas 😀

December 2015

Super busy month!  But basically Mike and I went home and he was able to visit CA for the first time and meet my parents.  We spent Christmas in San Francisco with my family and then went to Sausalito for a little weekend trip for NYE just the two of us.

January 2016

January was just full of work work and work but we did experience our first blizzard together and Mike officially became Boba’s daddy on her vet papers.

February 2016

Ahh February…the month of love, so of course we celebrated Valentine’s Day…but in our own little way.  AKA by going to a grocery store and the outlets haha.  Yes, we went to outdoor outlets on a day that was -25 degrees F, but we had an awesome time.  This month I also met Mike’s extended family.  Oh and of course we celebrated one of my favorite holidays, National Margarita Day!

March 2016

This was the craziest of months in our year.  I think we were together for about a week of it.  Mike went to China for about two weeks and less than 70 hours after he came back, I went to SF for a week.  Somehow between it all we managed to pick up our wedding bands and go on dates here and there (even if they were to airports…)

April 2016

To continue the craziness of March, we flew off to Jamaica for the Hiser wedding.  It was our first trip where we packed one suitcase together and our first international trip together.  Something about the suitcase felt so nice though (:  This month I also began my official move into Mike’s place, starting with of course, my makeup collection.  We also played mom and dad for a week to his brother while he parents were away and I rediscovered my love and ability when it comes to cooking.

So there’s the highlight reel.  There are so many more little moments that make our relationship amazing, but no one thinks to take pictures of themselves lying in bed in sweats at 3:06pm on a Sunday in complete comfort.

Happy Anniversary, Foozy!

15 states and 5 countries in our first year and so many more adventures to come (:

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