HAUL: Korean Skincare from Wishtrend

Do you know what one of the best feelings in the world is?  When your package arrives earlier than the scheduled delivery haha!  My massive package of Korean skincare arrived from Wishtrend yesterday so I thought I’d share with you all.

20160118_172641 (1).jpg

How I like to do haul posts is to not just show what I got, but why I got it and my overall shopping experience on the site.  So read on if you’ve ever been curious about Wishtrend or any of the products they carry.

Why Wishtrend?
These days it feels like there are a million and one online sites to order Korean beauty products from, so why did I choose Wishtrend?  First of all, I’d like to say that I am not sponsored by them and everything in this haul was chosen by me and paid for by my super sweet fiance (which I guess kinda makes it paid by me as we share accounts, but yaknow what I mean haha).  Secondly, I have ordered from a few other sites before (RoseRoseShop, Memebox, Innisfree, and Etude House) but wanted to try something new.  So I went for Wishtrend because they carried a lot of brands that I didn’t see carried elsewhere and their prices and shipping were quite fair.

What was I hauling?
I don’t haul often when it comes to k-beauty since usually shipping is a pain, so usually once a year or so, I do a massive restock.  This time I needed the following:
– oil cleanser
– low pH second cleanser
– first essence
– serum/essence
– eye cream
I ended up getting all these items and a few more items just because…

The Haul
Tosowoong Spin 4D Pore Brush – $49.20
I wasn’t planning on getting this, but I did want to start using a face brush again.  I’ve had a Clarisonic Mia for years from my bestie, Wendy, but lately it hasn’t gotten much love.  Being almost 5 years old, it has a accumulated a lot of gunk and so I just haven’t wanted to reach for it.  The other thing is the price, not only is the Clarisonic much more expensive, the replacement brushes are about $27-30.  I did really like how my skin looked and felt when I was using it though, so hopefully this is a good alternative since the replacement brushes are only about $8.

20160118_173146dear klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Kit – $38.35
Originally, I was just going to get the cleansing oil in this, but since I was quite interested in the brand, dear klairs, I figured the kit was a pretty good value.  It comes with the cleansing oil, a sugar scrub, and a bar soap.  The fiance is actually quite interested in the sugar scrub so maybe I can get him to guest review on here haha.

20160118_172912Skin & Lab Glacial Water Kit – $24.29
This kit was completely un-needed and un-planned haha, but I just couldn’t resist.  I love charcoal and clay type masks usually (such as the ones from Origins and Innisfree) so I decided to give this mask a try.  And I currently have about 3 moisturizers that need to be used, but I couldn’t resist spending about $6 more and getting this kit since this moisturizing gel is worth $22.

20160118_173443ZYMOGEN Ferment Houttuynia Cordata Extract Serum – $24.50
This serum was advertise to be for those with senstivie and dry skin, which I have both and has a more watery texture.  The was enough to sell me.  My current serum from The Face Shop is the more a emulsion and doesn’t seem to sink in, but just sits on top to make me look oily so I’ve been looking to replace it.

Skin & Lab Dr. Bio: Bio Activating Essence – $28.99
I love the idea of a watery first essence or booster.  I really do think they give my skin that extra perk.  I’ve tried and liked ones from Innisfree, Nature Republic, and SK-II, but I wanted to try a new one since i couldn’t justify the SK-II price tag for its okay performance.

Ciracle Eye Contour Gel – $24.49
My eye area is really quite dry and I’m scraping the last of my eye cream so I picked just about any eye cream I could find on the site.  I will say though, that they don’t have a section for eye creams and this might be the only one they stock.  I hope Wishtrend improves in this area in the future.

CosRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser – $9.99
I won’t bore you with the need for a good low pH cleanser, but basically I’ve been looking for one for months since my Innisfree Bija Gel Cleanser ran out and I didn’t need to order anything else (like I said, I hate making small orders).  I’ve heard great things about this cleanser so I have high hopes for it.

Samples20160118_173821.jpgI got quite a few samples, but I almost expected this since it was quite a large haul.  I got a sheet mask, a few creams (?), several CosRx samples in a CosRx zip baggie (cute haha), and a little post card type thing for the dear klairs bb cream.  I also ordered when you got a free 4 week supply of the Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack valued at $11.90.

Wrap Up & Impressions of Wishtrend Overall
– carries unique/hard to find brands
– kits are a really good value
– everything was packaged SUPER well (I had trouble getting through the bubble wrap)
– processing and shipping were quick (I ordered 1.11 and my order arrived 1.18)
– prices and shipping rates were quite fair (I ordered enough for free EMS shipping)
– the ingredients are included for each item (great for people with allergies like me)
– there are lots of pictures and information about each item
– good amount of samples
– doesn’t carry most main stream brands (etude house, innisfree, hera, etc, but this is only a semi con because these items can be ordered from other sites)
– not many eye creams
– I’ve heard sometimes it takes a long time for packages to ship out (not the case with mine)

Would I order from Wishtrend again?  Yes!  Am I super excited to go try out products now?  Yes!  Haha so let me know what you’d like a review of from this haul (:

Disclaimer:  All products mentioned and linked to in this post were purchased by me.  There are no sponsored or affiliated links.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  


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